The Jira developers have been hard at work on version 5.0, and we’re happy to announce the availability of milestone 4 via the Early Access Program. There are lots of great Jira improvements to check out in this milestone, so read on.

Focus on Integrations

Jira 5.0 is focused on features for partners, plugin developers, and integration developers. If you develop commercial plugins, custom plugins, or integrate Jira to other applications, this is a key release to get to know as early as possible – and you can use this to get a head start on making your existing plugins work with Jira 5.0.

This milestone includes:

  • a new stable API for Jira
  • the addition of create & edit for issues in the Jira REST API
  • a new REST and Java API for adding activities to the Activity Stream
  • a new feature, “Remote Issue Links”, to associate any external object with Jira

Learn More

Both the release notes and the plugin developer notes are available for Jira 5.0. Check out these two key features we’ve been working on to make your integration with Jira even better.

  1. Add to Activity Streams via REST: add activities to an Atlassian application’s feed via a simple REST API.
  2. Remote Issue Links via REST: if you have an object in your application that relates to a Jira ticket, you can link that object to a Jira Issue using Remote Issue Links.

Get Started

If you’re coming to AtlasCamp this month, make sure to look at EAP 4 and bring your code!

As always, we’d love your feedback, especially since developers are a key audience for the integration features in 5.0. The earlier we receive comments, the higher the chance we can incorporate feedback!

Jira 5.0 Milestone 4 Early Access Preview...