Open Company, No Bullshit

Today one of our engineers delivered a presentation that contained inappropriate content at our AtlasCamp developer conference in Berlin, Germany.

We are sorry for having allowed this offensive slide into an AtlasCamp presentation. The content does not reflect our company values – nor our personal values as co-founders and individuals. Quite simply, it’s not OK.

Sexism is a difficult issue for the tech industry, and today we didn’t make it any better.

We are going through all the events that allowed this slide to reach the public. We’ve already started immediate action. Where our organisation and process were lacking, we will add oversight. Where our culture is at fault, we will change that culture.

Play, As A Team

It’s times like this when your culture and values as a company must guide your decision making. If they are true, they will shine through. We take our values seriously. We apply them to everything we do. We endeavour to ensure all Atlassians live and represent our values.

I know the engineer responsible well. I hired him. I know the slide does not reflect his values any more than it reflects Atlassian’s, and he is as deeply sorry as we are. It was an error in judgment, but one the company shares responsibility for making.

As Atlassian, we don’t stand behind the slide – but we stand as a team. When we do good, and when we do bad. Today, we failed as a team. We will help him learn from this, as we all must. Our engineer, our event, our issue, our learning, our growing – as a team.

Be The Change You Seek

Atlassian wants to be a company where people are excited to work with us – no matter their gender, race or sexual orientation. We welcome being held to account when we, as a team, do anything that damages that goal.

Over the last 12 years, we’ve strived as a team to create an environment where diversity can flourish. Clearly today we let ourselves, our team and our industry down. We’ll continue striving, growing and learning.

Mike & Scott

On failing our values, our team, and our industry...