We will be ending support for a number of platforms for the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse when version 2.2 of the connector is released. From Atlassian Connector for Eclipse 2.2 (scheduled for mid June 2010), the connector will no longer support:

  • Jira 3.12.5 and earlier (including point releases)
  • Bamboo 2.2.3 and earlier (including point releases)
  • Crucible 1.6.6 and earlier (including point releases)
  • Fisheye 1.6.6 and earlier (including point releases)

This will allow us to speed up our ability to deliver market-driven features.
Customers may stay on older versions of the above applications; however, Atlassian will no longer test against nor fix bugs related to these older versions. We are committed to helping our customers understand this decision and assist them in upgrading Jira, Bamboo, Crucible and Fisheye.
For more details about the announcement, please refer to this page: http://confluence.atlassian.com/x/a4juD
Please note, we will also be ending support for a number of platforms (i.e. Atlassian products) for the other Atlassian Connectors (IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio) in their next major releases.
If you have questions or concerns, regarding this announcement – please reply to eol-announcement at atlassian dot com.

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