On Day 2 of Get Your Wiki On we upped the ante with a potpourri of gadgets up for grabs – an Xbox 360, Xbox Kinect, and a WiFi Kindle. Today we’ll share the lucky winner of this awesome bundle of gadgets, reveal 5 new proud owners of Atlassian’s limited edition Angry Nerds t-shirt, and let you know what’s up for grabs today.

The winner of Day 2 is…


Marcin Szczepanski, thanks for getting your wiki on by sharing your favorite Confluence feature – the Share Button.


What does Marcin, love so much about Confluence?

He can bring the right people into the conversations taking place in his wiki, in seconds. Watch and learn.

5 more lucky winners


We promised, and we’ve delivered. If you started following @atlassian on Twitter yesterday you had the chance to win one of 5 limited edition Angry Nerds t-shirts that were up for grabs. Without further ado, the 5 lucky winners are…

1. @JakeWharton

2. @dragan_r

3. @serdar

4. @wimdeblauwe

5. @masterrwong

What are we giving away on Day 3?

Win an iPad 2 and Smart Cover!


If you don’t have an iPad, then you probably didn’t wait in line outside the Apple Store for 8 hours on a Friday night. If you don’t have an iPad, you clearly don’t know what commitment means, not to mention dignity, loyalty or pride. If you don’t have an iPad, you don’t have 65,000+ apps to burn your hard-earned cash on. If you don’t have an iPad, you can’t show off a Polyurethane Smart Cover to your grandma. But hey, if you don’t have an iPad, well, you just don’t have an iPad. To make up for your failings, we’re feeling generous: a 16 GB WiFi iPad with polyurethane Smart Cover could have your name on it.

Win an Angry Nerds T-Shirt!

We’ve got 5 more of our limited edition Angry Nerds t-shirts up for grabs on Day 3. Just follow our @confluence Twitter account and we’ll pick 5 lucky winners at the end of the day.

You’ve got to be in it to win it! Start sharing and Get Your Wiki On!


Did you Get Your Wiki On yesterday? 6 more winners...