Hosting your Git or Mercurial source on Bitbucket or GitHub? If so, we recently announced a new and improved way of connecting your distributed version control hosting tool to Jira – the Jira DVCS Connector.

Connect Jira to Bitbucket or GitHub

Many Bitbucket and GitHub users are connecting their source to Jira issues via the Jira Bitbucket Connector and Jira GitHub Connector.  The Jira DVCS Connector combines all the features of the Jira Bitbucket Connector and Jira GitHub connector, with a couple more that are brand new. If you’re using a previous version of either plugin, you’ll want to install the new plugin and check out the new features (and some bugfixes).

The Integration

Connecting Jira projects to your Bitbucket or GitHub repositories allows users to

  • Track commits, monitor source code edits, and drill through to source files
  • Push commits to Jira simply by referencing issue keys in commit messages
  • Map unlimited public and private Bitbucket and GitHub repositories to Jira projects
  • View Bitbucket to GitHub activity in the Jira Activity Stream

What’s New in the Jira DVCS Connector

Redesigned Commits Tab

We’ve completely redesigned the Jira ‘Commits’ tab with a new interface. For every repo commit that references a Jira issue key, you’ll be able to:

  • review total number of lines added and removed from a file
  • view the commit message and owner
  • branches used
  • link to the entire changeset and individual source files
  • updates appear in your Jira Activity Stream

Easy Admin

Setting up the Jira DVCS Connector is now easier. The look and feel of the administration screens have been updated; you’ll notice that it’s easier to review and manage multiple repos. You can mix-and-match any repos from Bitbucket and GitHub.

Installing and configuring new repos can be done in a snap now. When linking a new repo with Jira, you’ll no longer have to configure brokers in Bitbucket or GitHub.

Got Source?

Looking to get start with distributed version control – Git or Mercurial? Bitbucket is Atlassian’s Git and Mercurial source code hosting tool with free unlimited private repositories.

Get the DVCS Connector

The Jira DVCS Connector is available in Jira OnDemand. For Jira download users you can easily get the Jira DVCS Connector via the Atlassian Plugin Exchange. Got feedback? We are ready to listen.

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