roadshow_logoforblogs_small.png As Jon mentioned last week, not only will Atlassian be touring the US, we’re also looking to meet many of our friends in Europe! I’m happy to announce that the RSVP list is now open for our European stops, which feature Atlassian info, news, and the all-important mingling with (depending on your location) pub snacks, canapés or tapas…and of course, beer (or wine).

The agenda looks pretty much like on the US stops — there’ll be a presentation from one of our colleagues and plenty of time to chat. The RoadTrips will be staffed by a combination of our Sydney, San Francisco, and Amsterdam employees.

So, where are we going?

We’re going to visit as many places in Europe as we can manage in little over 2 weeks, kicking off in Amsterdam on March 31, crossing over to London, back to the continent to Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Zurich, Oslo, before saying our final ‘hej’ in Stockholm on April 14. For the full lineup, check the Atlassian RoadTrip site.

Looking forward to meeting you in Europe!

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