Atlassian Bonfire 1.4 is here, helping teams organize information gathered during manual testing with new tags for session notes. Read on to discover how to use tags to speed up your testing process and related activity.

Tag Session Notes

Testers use session notes to capture relevant assumptions, questions, or ideas that come up during a test session. Bonfire 1.4 brings a new level of organization around this information with tags. Tags are an easy way to flag information during testing, and let everyone retrieve relevant notes later. session-filter.png

Bonfire 1.4 introduces four unique tags:

  • #f – follow up 
  • #! – assumption 
  • #? – question 
  • #i – idea 

Tags make it quick and easy to make sense of all your testing notes. During a session, testers can see all tagged notes as they come up, while a team lead may filter a sub-set of tags to find just questions and assumptions that are open.

After testing is complete, the whole team can pull up just the ideas found across multiple sessions to spur inspiration during retrospectives and future planning.

Tags are easy to ‘check off’ as you complete or address them. With four different tag types and filtering at the session, project, and user level, tags bring dozens of ways to break down relevant information at any time.


User Activity

Tags make it easy to find relevant information related to testing, and the Bonfire team knows sometimes that information is user-specific. Sessions, notes and tags are in the new Test Sessions tab in user profiles, showing all Bonfire activity related to each user.


This per-user activity is available to anyone. A great way to find all the bugs filed by someone you know has a unique test environment, or to come back to your own tagged ideas any time. 

Bonfire 1.4 and tags make it fast and easy to create and organize all your testing activity.

And more!

As if finding and organizing relevant test session information wasn’t enough, Bonfire 1.4 brings better error handling for the browser plugin, editable session notes, and bunch of other small improvements. Upgrade to Bonfire 1.4 today!


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