As we announced at Atlassian Summit 2011 last week, Jira now integrates with Bitbucket to let you do more with your source code.

The Jira Bitbucket Connector lets you:

  • Track your changesets, monitor your source code edits, and drill through to your source files
  • Push your changesets to Jira simply by referencing issue keys in your commit messages
  • Map unlimited public and private Bitbucket repositories to your Jira projects
  • Get fully set-up and configured in under 30 seconds

How does it work?

Why should you care?

There was a lot of buzz this week at Atlassian Summit around the benefits of Distributed Version Control (DVCS) for development teams: Matthew Watson gave a fantastic overview of how to use Atlassian Dev Tools to migrate your teams to DVCS, followed by two lightning talks on getting started with DVCS and visualizing your DVCS projects and repositories. Here at Atlassian, we think DVCS is the future of software development. Since some of our teams have started making the switch from SVN, we have already experienced numerous benefits from faster releases to easier collaboration to better accountability.

We want you to experience these benefits too, so we are trying to make it as easy as possible to migrate your code to DVCS. The first half of this equation is Bitbucket. Not only does Bitbucket run on the popular Mercurial language, which is more intuitive for former SVN users, but Bitbucket also supports unlimited private code repositories for free. The second half is connectivity. Bitbucket has an impressive integrations list, from Basecamp to Flowdock, and now Jira. By migrating your code to Bitbucket you can leverage the power of DVCS with the flexibility of Jira to identify and resolve source code issues in record time.

And when we say record time we mean record time. The Jira Bitbucket integration takes less than 30 seconds to configure from start to finish. Go ahead, try it out. We think you will be blown away.

What’s next?

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