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Team ‘24 kicked off last night in Las Vegas, and we couldn’t be more excited to be here, surrounded by thousands of customers and partners on the ground and many, many more of you joining virtually.

It’s been a “bonza” 🇦🇺 year. Since Team ‘23, we’ve blown past the 300,000 customer mark, launched Compass, Jira Product Discovery, and Atlassian Intelligence into general availability, added databases and whiteboards to Confluence, and welcomed Loom to the Atlassian family. Our customers include some of the largest and most complex enterprises in the world. We continued to deliver a steady stream of enhancements to support them this year, boosting scale and performance, and opening up seven new data residency regions.

And that’s just the highlight reel.

We’re running fast because our customers are, too. Millions of people across 200 countries start their day by logging into the Atlassian tools that help them do their best work. Customers of all sizes, from every industry imaginable and every kind of team, look to us not just for software that makes them more efficient but also the guidance that makes them more effective collaborators. That’s what Team ‘24 is all about.

Here’s a taste of what we’re announcing today.

Introducing Atlassian Rovo: A year ago, we launched Atlassian Intelligence to help teams boost productivity with AI. Now, we’re leveraging generative AI to address the foundational challenge of knowledge discovery by helping enterprise teams transform the piles of raw data scattered across their systems into actionable insights.

Say hello to our newest product, and the next stage of human-AI collaboration, Atlassian Rovo. With Rovo, teams can:

  • Find information across tools and platforms without leaving their Atlassian products – from pull requests to the files you stashed in Google Drive to that Sharepoint doc you’ve been trying to find.
  • Learn in context through AI-driven insights and conversational chat.
  • Take action through agents that bring domain knowledge and skills to a wide variety of workflows, partnering with human teammates on everything from cleaning up your Jira backlogs to reviewing and refining marketing content.

Introducing the next era of Jira: As organizations become more complex, they increasingly need a shared space where teams of all types – engineers, marketers, accountants, and everyone in between – can align on goals, track progress, and share context. That’s why we’re combining the best of Jira Work Management and Jira Software to create a unified Jira that every team can use to manage their work. And, no surprise, we’re enhancing it with AI that can automatically break big tasks into bite-sized pieces, rewrite issue summaries for clarity, convert natural language into automation rules, and more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re also announcing another 30+ AI-powered features and enhancements, including innovations that help keep developers in their flow state and IT teams deliver legendary service. In addition to the massive scale, performance, and compliance gains across our platform, we’re also announcing Guard, an enhanced security offering for the Atlassian cloud.

So let’s get cracking! Massive thanks to the thousands of Atlassians, partners, and sponsors who work tirelessly to bring Team ‘24 to life. To our customers, whether you’re joining us in Vegas or through the digital platform, thank you for making Atlassian a part of your workday all these years. Here’s to you!


-Mike and Scott

It’s on. Welcome to Team ’24