We’ve made it easier than ever to keep your spaces organized and your content up-to-date.

Have you ever wondered, “Who has admin access to our Confluence site (and should they even have access)?” or “Is our content in Confluence answering our teams’ top questions”? If so, then you’re in the right place. 

Without organized, sophisticated admin tools, even the most intuitive knowledge-sharing and collaboration systems can quickly become messy and ineffective — especially as teams and data grow.

That’s why for all of these reasons and more, we’re introducing Confluence mission control for Confluence Premium and Enterprise plans. This updated and improved admin experience empowers admins to manage the health of their site like never before.

What’s Confluence mission control?

Mission control is a dedicated workspace for Confluence product admins to work efficiently and proactively with site-level alerts, insights, and actions about the activity and health of their site — all in one place. 

There is now a single place where admins can easily access top admin tools that also acts as the central dashboard for all site-level insights. For example, you can identify how many spaces you have across your site and which spaces have the most inactive content. This helps admins make data-informed decisions to take the best course of action to maintain site health.

Proactive site health management

Mission control empowers admins with increased awareness and oversight of key health factors so they can proactively address issues instead of reactively problem-solving. As users come and go and your company evolves, there are bound to be changes across your site. Mission control makes it easy to keep track of it all.

  • Engagement metrics:  View the total number of all active pages, blogs, and whiteboards across your site; the total number of spaces across your site and which have the most content; which spaces have the most inactive content; and more.
  • External access feature: Allows you to quickly manage user permissions and content privacy settings by assessing public link activity and guest access to your Confluence site. This will show you which links are public and who has access to them. This section is especially important for security purposes to manage unauthorized users and keep your information safe.
  • Beta features: Informs you which Confluence beta features are enabled on your site. From there, you have the ability to opt-in to inactive ones you want to start using.
  • Confluence admins: The admin section ensures you’re communicating with and aware of the correct admins for each space and page on your site. This is helpful for efficiently sharing any updates or issues among admins as they arise.
  • Alert banners: Within mission control, you can ensure that anything needing your attention doesn’t fall through the cracks. For example, if an internal team member or external collaborator still needs access to a space or link, you can take care of that without them asking.

Streamlined content management

Mission control’s insights empower admins to make strategic, data-based decisions that improve how content is managed across their entire site. These insights show search activity, click-through rates, space and content usage, which admins own which spaces, and more. You can even drill down from site-level to space-level insights, such as seeing the total number of inactive pages across the site and then seeing which spaces have the most inactive pages.

Admins can use these insights to take meaningful action, like:

  • Assess stale content across the site and determine what should be removed or refreshed based on the leaderboard showing which spaces have the highest number of inactive pages.
  • Plan and develop new content based on the needs of your team by reviewing the leaderboard showing commonly searched terms with no results or no clicks on results.
  • Identify spaces that have the most pages with deactivated page owners, like former employees, that need new owner assignments to ensure uninterrupted workflows and communication channels.
  • Communicate the needs of your team to company stakeholders and maintain the most important and relevant content at any given time by uncovering popular and trending search terms.
  • Cross-collaborate with the appropriate department, team, or space admin owner to focus attention on spikes in search topics or content usage.

Seamless admin experience

We know an admin’s job isn’t easy. Not only do they help teams get the most out of using Confluence, but they must also ensure that their Confluence site is properly organized and maintained for long-term success. This means they need to access various tools, settings, and configurations. The good news? With mission control, all of these are easily accessible in one place, saving admins time and helping them be more efficient.

The updated side navigation menu prominently places the primary admin tools by category at the top for quick access. These include:

  • Creating site-wide announcement banners to utilize for company-wide alerts about new security settings, planned site maintenance, software updates, and anything time-sensitive
  • Viewing the audit log to see a full history of changes to your Confluence site — useful for tracking down things like permissions, global settings, or add-on changes
  • Using the drop-down or searching for specific settings to quickly find what they need, from “security configurations” to “global permissions”

Test-drive mission control for yourself

While these mission control insights will be invaluable for product admins, we recognize that these types of insights will also be beneficial at the space level. That’s why we’re very excited to announce space mission control is also now available for space admins. Space mission control will have similar experiences to mission control outlined above; the main difference is that the data and actions available will be at the space-level, not site-level. For example, instead of showing the total amount of content on your site, it will show you the total amount of content in that specific space.

So whether you’re a product or space admin, you can now access mission control to help you get a complete view of all of the content, data, and activities happening within your site and space. 

Don’t have access to mission control? Learn more about Premium and try a free trial to get access to these features and more.

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Mission control: Transforming the Confluence admin experience