Since its introduction a month ago, Hipchat Connect has produced over a dozen add-ons from our friends at services like Zendesk, Meekan, and Statuspage, with more coming from New Relic, PagerDuty, and Zephyr. And this is just the beginning.

You may be familiar with Hipchat integrations already, but the new add-ons through Hipchat Connect are substantially more powerful. Not only will you receive important information from the services you use, but now you’ll be able to take important actions right from HipChat–in real-time.

Hipchat Connect allows developers to create full-functioning add-0ns within the Hipchat interface. This means you’ll spend less time context-switching, and more time collaborating with your team and actually getting work done.

Since Hipchat Connect is still in beta, your group admin will have to enable it. It only takes a few steps – Learn how.

Check out how developers have used the Hipchat Connect API to create a seamless experience between the two products:

For software and IT teams


Sentry: monitor & take action on errors

You need to know the moment there are errors on your service. Not only does the Sentry add-on alert you to errors, but gives you a rich summary of information so your team can quickly assess the situation. Learn more or get it now.



Statuspage: track & discuss your status page

If you run any cloud service, there are times when your service just isn’t “feeling well.” You turn to your status page to give your users the 411. With the Statuspage add-on, your entire team can keep tabs on Statuspage updates so whether you’re in engineering, marketing, or customer service, you’re ready to respond. Learn more or get it now.


Metacert add-on on Hipchat

MetaCert: keep team communication secure

MetaCert turns Hipchat into a more secure communications channel than your corporate email. The MetaCert add-on silently checks the reputation of links in real time, providing your rooms with an invisibly secure experience. You’ll get an alert if a link isn’t secure, preventing phishing in your team communication. Get it now.



Bitbucket: follow & poke reviewers on pull requests

Using Bitbucket for pull requests? Bring all that information into Hipchat so your entire team knows of new pull requests. You’ll see a summary of pull requests in your side bar and can even poke reviewers if they’re taking too long. Learn more or get it now.

For marketing and customer service teams:

Notify for Hipchat Connect

Notify: track your brand across the web

If you work in marketing or customer service, you need to know what users, news sources, and competitors are saying about you. Notify is your ticket to ride. Install the Notify add-on to try social media, blogs, and news sources for mentions of your brand and keywords. Learn more or get it now.


Smooch add-on on Hipchat

Smooch: communicate with users in your app

Smooch lets you interact with your customers through your app or service. Now you can do all of that through Hipchat. Get user messages and respond right from Hipchat. That’s smooch-worthy. Learn more or get it now.


Wittified CallCenter add-on on Hipchat

Wittified CallCenter: get missed calls & voicemail

When you’re making deals and working with customers, the phone is often your best friend. But there’s no need to keep the phone and Hipchat separate. With the Wittified CallCenter add-on, it all comes together in Hipchat. Get all your missed calls and voicemails in Hipchat, making this your new Call Center. Learn more or get it now.


SurveyMonkey NPS add-on on Hipchat

NPS for Hipchat: gather & analyze user feedback

Customer feedback is critical for marketing, customer service, and product teams alike. You need to know how your users feel about the product and experience. With the NPS for Hipchat add-on using the SurveyMonkey NPS template, you’ll get all your users’ feedback right in Hipchat. Learn more or get it now.


Zendesk add-on on Hipchat

Zendesk: share & discuss Zendesk tickets

When your users need help, Zendesk helps you connect. Now you’ll feel even more connected with the new add-on. Easily mention a Zendesk ticket in a Hipchat room to populate important information. This way your team can discuss together how to best answer and proceed. It’s a win-win for you and your customers. Get it now.

For all y’all:

Meekan add-on on Hipchat

Meekan: schedule the perfect meeting time

Like it or not, every team needs to meet. Now it’s easier than ever. Meekan syncs with your teammates’ calendars, so just ask Meekan to create a meeting and it will give you the ideal meeting time. It’s so easy, so painless – it almost doesn’t even feel like a meeting. Learn more or get it now.


Convergely add-on on Hipchat

Convergely: create polls & tasks, annotate images & schedule messages

Convergely brings your chat game to a whole new level. In rooms, create polls to vote on issues or questions, annotate images to collaboratively share information, assign tasks to teammates, and schedule one-time or recurring messages. You’ll be collaborating with your team in ways you never imagined. Learn more or get it now.

The best part is Hipchat Connect is only in beta. That means it’s only getting better and more powerful from here. These are just the first batch of add-ons, and the sky is truly the limit from here.

Want to see a service you use on Hipchat Connect? Let your admin know! Down to create your very own add-on? Oh, that’s definitely possible. Learn more and keep checking for new add-ons on

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