We’re excited to bring you Jira Portfolio 1.9, which makes planning even more realistic. The new capacity visualization makes it easy to see how much work can get done and provides transparency if targeted deadlines are not realistic. Flexible sprint configuration makes sure your portfolio plan reflects the way your team actually works, so you can accurately plan. And now you can update your team’s work day settings so Jira Portfolio doesn’t think they’re working over the weekend and on Christmas. 😉

Visualize your team’s workload

Quickly see how much capacity you’re using, how much you have available, and where you’re overbooked with the new capacity view in the graphical schedule. You can view the schedule globally, or at the team or member level, to see exactly what’s planned for your teams and team members.



For agile teams, it’s easy to create forward-looking plans by matching planned workload against velocity. With the new capacity view, you can grasp within seconds whether a plan is realistic or needs adjustments, plan longer term deliverables that might span multiple sprints, and align your plans with other teams.

Oh, and did we mention it works for teams using Kanban and traditional methodologies, too? Enjoy full visibility down to the level of team members by drilling down into workloads per calendar week and then breaking down the view to individual teams or members. This helps with accurate up-front planning which considers individual specializations and skills as well as analyzing the impact of changes as projects progress.

Plan according to your team’s schedule

Keep the portfolio plan real by configuring your plan’s schedule to your team’s real world schedule. Have a 10-hour work day? A 4-day work week? No problem! You can now define a work week and hours that match how your team works.

Maybe you have company or team-specific time off? Or you prefer not to work on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day? Set non-working days that are globally reflected across your plan.


Flexible to the way your team works

Do you have a special project or a long-term goal that requires a special sprint length? Accurately plan with the new flexible sprint configuration, ensuring your portfolio plan reflects the way your team actually works.

Simply define the dates, assign a team, and all of your other sprints will magically schedule around your fixed sprints. In addition, you can now easily discover and view which teams are working on what in the “sprints” column in the backlog view.


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