Practical Advice for Agile Product Management

We recently hosted a webinar with two Atlassian product managers called “Practical Advice for Agile Product Management.” Confluence product managers Sherif Mansour and John Masson shared their expertise on the elements that go into building great products, starting with conducting research and customer interviews and concluding with how you can tell a story about your release.

We recorded the webinar for any of you that missed it or want to watch it again and share it with your teams. Watch it below:

Product managers, designers, product marketers and others will find this presentation useful. Sherif and John focus on developing software, but the principles are broadly applicable to product development. They cover three areas:

  • Feedback: How to collect user feedback with surveys and then make sense of it
  • Customer interviews: how to conduct and document findings from customer interviews to get the most value when developing products.
  • Telling a story: Learn how to boil your product releases down to the pillars that matter using an exercise called a build-a-box

Sherif and John also give some concrete examples of how to use Confluence and Jira together to collect feedback and connect it with your product backlog.

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