Jira JrSoftware is eating the world. And nobody’s hungrier, or youngrier, than our kids. The technology landscape is quickly being reshaped by code-writing hipsters barely out of college. Case in point: just last week, Yahoo! acquired Summly, a company whose CEO still has to go to prom.

So it’s perplexing: even though entrepreneurs are getting younger, the tools used to build great products remain out of reach for our youngest budding innovators. That changes today.

We’re stoked to announce Jira Jr., the world’s first project management and issue tracking system made just for kids. Built from the ground up, Jira Jr. includes many of the same features in Atlassian Jira, but reimagined and refactored for kiddie coders:

  • The new Chore Board: No more sticky-stars on the fridge. Kanban for kiddies.
  • Custom field thingies: Don’t know what your “component” means? Then just call it “stuff.” It’s like drawing on the wall with crayons
  • Lots of plugins + stuff: Make Jira Jr. your own with custom plugins and all sorts of crazy.
  • And, like, zillions more features

Sure, piano lessons and Little Einstein videos help develop a kid’s mind, but they won’t help them deliver complex software projects on time. Jira Jr. will. Come on, parents, get out of your grownup timeout, blow the Cheese-It crumbs off your computer keyboard and help your kids evaluate Jira Jr. today. And then just watch their burndowns.

Announcing Jira Jr.: it’s fun-tastic!