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Getting work done is not a solo sport. You’re often dependent on the contributions of your closest teammates. Unfortunately, effective team collaboration is not a given. It’s actually really hard to work together as a team. If you thought sharing work with teammates using email was an efficient solution, think again.  A simple feedback loop can quickly become a whirling chaos of email and attachments, and we all hate extra email. With Confluence there’s an easier, smarter way to share work with your team. In a couple of clicks you share all your important work email-free, without switching contexts.

We recently shared three ways to connect your team with @mentions. @mentions are great for pulling individuals into conversations but often there are times when you want to pull in a group of co-workers, or simply circulate important information – enter Shares. Let’s take a look at 3 ways we use the share button at Atlassian to cut down on the amount of email we send and time spent in wasteful meetings. Don’t be afraid to take these and use them in your own office (smile)

1. Request feedback from co-workers

Work often has to go through a review process that involves numerous people. At Atlassian we use the Share Button regularly to request feedback, and since everything is in one place, feedback usually comes back fast. Typically, feedback either comes in the form of edits to the Confluence page or comments allowing discussion to happen right alongside the work, accessible by everyone. No duplicated efforts and nothing trapped in inboxes. Your team’s tacit knowledge is captured in Confluence and never lost.

2. Push information to your team

Everyone wants to see positive results for a project, campaign, or product launch. Most importantly, they want to learn from your successes, and failures. At Atlassian we track all the results of our projects to keep key stakeholders in cross-functional teams in the loop.

Whenever someone shares a page with you in Confluence, you’ll receive a notification in your Confluence WorkBox. Forget about switching between your email and other applications to get work done. With Confluence, where you talk about work is the same place where you get your work done.

3. Circulate important announcements

When you get hundreds of emails a day, it’s easy for important announcements to get lost in the noise. At Atlassian, we keep our staff updated about important announcements and company events by creating a Confluence page or blog post and sharing it with everyone. Avoiding the use of email makes it easy for everyone to keep their fingers on the pulse of the office.

For those announcements that are not that important WorkBox helps you keeps you focused on the task at hand. It’s easy to add share notifications to your personal task list if you’re busy but want to get back to it later.

Thanks to WorkBox, important announcements and company events can stay on your radar avoid slipping to the depths of your email inbox.

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