After announcing the Community Favourite Wallboard and Best “Old School” Wallboard, we are now ready for the moment you have all been wait for…

Winner: The Ultimate Wallboard

Congratulations to Ole Højriis Kristensen from the Vodafone Web Team in Denmark. Ole’s submission impressed our panel of wallboard experts with the effective combination of an “old school” physical wallboard with heaps of modern technology.

“The compelling aspect to me about this one is the combined use of automatically updated graphical display with manually moved papers to give both quick graphical oversight for visitors and detailed paper view with tactical/kinesthetics for team members.” – Alistair Cockburn

For winning the grand prize in the Ultimate Wallboard contest, Ole’s team wins a new 55″ HDTV
and a Mac Mini to upgrade their already quite impressive
information radiator.

We caught up with Ole to get the full scoop on the Vodafone Web Team wallboard which we’ll blog separately later.  Here a quick preview of the setup:

The Vodafone Web Team Wallboard

As the scrum master of the Vodafone Web Team, Ole spent has several nights and weekends tinkering with this information radiator.  Physically based in Denmark, the board actually serves teams located in London, Düsseldorf and Kiev as well via web cam. 

The whiteboard is organised into columns to match the task board in Jira and GreenHopper.  A projector renders the burndown chart and velocity on top of the columns.

As new stories are added or updated in Jira, a small receipt printer below the whiteboard spits out a new card.  The next person to walk by the board, drops the card into a pocket containing an RFID touch tag and places it on the board.

“The integration of physical elements (RFID tagging, projection, printing) with the virtual / technology elements is incredible.” – Mike Cannon-Brookes

To update the board, developers simply swipe their avatar and assign themselves to a story. Every change is added as a comment in Jira, and the camera takes a picture of the person making the change and tweets it — along with issue details — to the team.

These photos are then stitched together to make a time lapse video for each sprint:


“Good use of multi-modal technology – serves a team collaboration and reporting purpose.” – David J. Anderson

As mentioned above, we will follow up with more details later.  Stay tuned to the Atlassian blogs.

Honourable Mentions

As with the “Old School” wallboard voting, there were plenty of submissions worthy of consideration for the top prize.  Here are a handful of entries that caught the eye of our judges.


InfoStorm Wallboard

As the name implies, this wallboard aggregates an enormous amount of information very effectively.  It uses Java and Hibernate to push data to the wallboard from various sources including
Jira, Confluence, Fisheye, SVN, Git, RSS, Twitter and Facebook. It even plays music and videos on demand.

“The sheer amount of data collection and integration along with the push mechanism make this an interesting entry, and I like the multimedia integration aspects.” – Dick Wall



The Community Favourite Wallboard also impressed our judges with it’s slick design and creative use of LED backlighting.  The wallboard glows red if there is new data that requires attention thereby preventing “wallboard blindness.”

“I also like the combination of the simple LED lights to signal important events.” – Dave Thomas

topicus-dashboard.jpgTopicus Dashboard

This wallboard also boasts a very clean and simple design with sexy animations.  Products stats, builds and issue details are complimented by local railway schedules, twitter, weather, and google calendars — including birthdays and beer time!

“Features like tracking transport delays, the excellent two speed ticker at the bottom, and the polish of the CSS animations all stand out in this demo.” – Dick Wall

Everyone is a winner!

Congratulations to everyone who entered the Ultimate Wallboard contest! As a thank you for all your hard work, every participant in the contest gets an Ultimate Wallboard T-Shirt.  If you have not done so already, please tell us your shirt size and where to send it (no later than Dec 15, 2010).

We hope everyone has enjoyed the contest and been inspired to create their own ultimate wallboard.

Announcing the Ultimate Wallboard Winner