AtlasCamp 2015

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Confluence: Making your life EASier

Ben Mackie and Matthew Jensen, Atlassian

Give your Confluence add-on idea a head start with the latest Extensibility, APIs, Services/components and Integration with Confluence features designed to reduce friction and leverage Confluence’s power for add-ons.

Keen to hear how we've built new Confluence integrations in the Cloud with Connect and how you can do the same? Curious to know how CQL, Confluence's powerful search language, can be used to deliver powerful search add-ons, and can also be extended to integrate with Confluence features? Want to get the latest on add-on storage and metadata strategies to help you focus on your business logic? Keen to hear more ideas on how to interact and integrate with Confluence via add-ons?

We’ll cover the latest in the platform, give a working demonstration of the highlights and what’s coming around the corner. Let us give you the inside track to productively building on Confluence!

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