Angry Nerds This Dev Team Don't Stand for No Bugs

What do you do when you have bugs in your code? Send in the Angry Nerds. Consider these issues...resolved.

  • “Atlassian’s getting into the mobile gaming game? We fold.”

  • “Alongside Nerds with Friends and Plants vs Nerds in the top 3 nerd mobile games.”

  • “Cease and desist.”

Meet the Nerds

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The Front-Ender

Can't compile, so he's laughed at by the rest of the team. And he can't break-through IE6. With HTML 5, he's certain he can do...anything.


The Outsourced

Three characters for the price of one, but they do less damage than any in-house dev. Good for scratching the surface, not for breaking through.

Forks into 3 smaller, crappier devs.

The Hacker

Rarely seen during daylight hours, but the guy you want to throw at the tricky stuff. Best used to bust through hard problems but leaves a mess.

Accelerates with Red Bull.

The Agilista

More process than progress. This dev fails fast and fails often.

Drops a jargon bomb on each level.

The Dev Manager

The most useless character in the game. Nobody is quite sure what this character does.

Prone to flipflopping.

The Founder

Capable of blowing up an entire level unexpectedly. Displays poor accuracy when targeting bugs, but a good nuclear option when your other characters aren't cutting it.

Explodes at random, often to devastating effect.

The Bugs

These pernicious bugs infest even the best software projects. Wipe them out, or they'll wipe out your project.