Are you doing it the Rong™ way?

Meet Chet Rong™, the world's worst agile coach. He's got a lot to say, but his ideas are highly suspect. If your team is doing things the Rong™ Way, you'd better scrum in the other direction. Fast.

Let's face it: doing agile can be hard. Step inside for tips that help keep your team on the right track. (Plus "pearls of wisdom" from Chet.)

1. Agile à la carte

Roadmaps, requirements and stand ups - oh my! Whether you're scrummin' it or have a Kan(ban)-do attitude, you'll find useful tips here.

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2. Scrum

Sprint to the finish with our guide for scrum teams. Run meetings that don't suck, and learn the difference between estimates and blood-oaths.

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3. Kanban

Go with the flow. Explore topics for Kanban teams such as limiting the amount of work in progress and using a pull-based workflow.

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4. Nerdy stuff

No matter your agile flavor, it all comes down to the 1s and 0s. Get tips for triaging, testing and managing technical debt in an agile way.

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